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Article about my Talk at The South Bank Centre

Be there at the start: Pete Edwards talks about making work on sexual abuse / 4 September 2014

By Colin Hambrook

Pete Edwards has set himself some interesting challenges for his Unlimited research and development project.

Pete’s award is to explore the difficult and taboo subject of rape and sexual abuse. He wrote a play about his life story after doing a Graeae Missing Pieces training course. However, when it came to the proposal for Unlimited he put the script to one side, making the decision that he wanted to devise a piece with actors, who like himself, have different speech patterns.

He toured his one-man show FAT - a multi-media exploration of a gay disabled man’s desire, sexuality and urge to communicate through 2009-10 and took it to Edinburgh Fringe in 2012, produced by ArtsAdmin. After FAT, he decided he wanted to concentrate on directing, specifically working out a way of including actors with different speech, without the constraint of having the speech interpreted for the audience.

He said that “A year ago we did a whole range of drama exercises looking at how actors could work on stage without text or without someone speaking on their behalf and that’s why I wanted to direct, so I can look at that for other people.”

Sexual abuse is an issue that gets hidden and needs addressing. Working on such a sensitive subject has meant putting his actors through some upsetting scenarios. He wanted to highlight the oft-forgotten fact that disabled people can be also be the abusers! So through the dividing process they have a code word ‘banana’, which basically means ‘I’m uncomfortable with what I’m doing. Can we stop and talk about what’s happening.”

Sexual abuse is not a comfortable subject for mainstream theatres to programme. Ruth Gould from DaDaFest raised the fear that issue-based shows are often pushed into an educational context, instead of being made for larger theatre spaces for a wider audience. 

As the piece is developing so it’s turning into a story that contains a mix of realism with more abstract scenes that weave in and out of each other. 

Abuse is something that often gets pushed to one side. But with the rise in hate crime against disabled people, it strikes me as a more and more important area to make art about.


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Reviews for Fat are here

Well after three weeks of hard work I have some lovely audiences in Edinburgh and also some great reviews. There is one here from Scotland on Sunday and another from Total Theatre. Also a * * * *  Public Review which is fantastic, and a brilliant write-up by Lyn Gardner in The Guardian. Enjoy!

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Posted on Sunday, 12 August 2012 by Pete Edwards

Welcome to my new website

Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my new website!

It has just been designed and developed by David Caines of Unlimited and Richard Howard of Flowlabs, and I hope you like what you see.

I'm in Edinburgh now starting a run of my show Fat and it previews today!! Please keep visiting me here and I'll be adding new information, blogging about my time and experience at the Edinburgh Festival and adding new images and content.

If you have any feedback you can leave a comment on my Facebook Page, or email me at pete@petetheartist.co.uk

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Posted on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 by Pete Edwards

Edinburgh Calling...

I'm learning my script and getting ready for performing Fat at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I'm really excited to be there for the whole month of August and taking part in the Festival. If you are in Scotland please come and see me. The Pleasance Beneath at 12.40 from Thursday-Sunday.

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Posted on Thursday, 26 July 2012 by Pete Edwards

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